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14 August 2004 @ 01:28 am
I went shopping today with Ashlee. I got so many cool clothes for school; I just can't wait to wear them!! After I got home I gave Erdman a call to talk to her and ended up going over to her house for a nice chat where I confirmed that I have dug myself into a hole. Oh well, maybe it's all for the better. I stayed for dinner and in the middle of that Chris called to ask Em to go kayaking. She felt bad about ditching me, but she agreed to go. Once she hung up she got the idea to bring the canoe and Jeff along so I could go too. I had a lot of fun and Tracy even showed up for awhile. It was really awesome kayaking with Chris and I'm glad I went.

After that we met Cholak to see the Stepford Wives which was really freaking, but good. It was interesting. Then we all drove out to Erdman's and Tracy was finally able to hear me sing in the car. It wasn't very good though because I was in a funk and stayed that way all night. I curled up in a blanket and didn't say much as the other three chatted, but it was nice to listen. Still wasn't in a good mood on the way home. I really shouldn't let little stupid things bother me.
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