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20 August 2004 @ 12:33 am
Camping, Worship, and Long Chats  
Camping was a BLAST!!! Didn't get much sleep Sunday night so I was a little tired Monday morning, but thankfully it didn't take too long to get ready to go. Once we got to camp we quickly set up and then went out for a creek walk. That was a lot of fun, especially for Erd and Cholak as they got to watch Tracy and I being clumsy and tripping all over in the creek. Then we went back to camp for dinner which I cooked with the help of Erdman. Apparently our next door neighbors could hear the two of us arguing over how to properly make macroni and cheese. And to top that off, Erd dropped the pan while she was attempting to empty out the water and we spent dinner picking dirt out of our food. But it was still good. Then we drove up to Bear Caves where Erd made me climb into a lot of small places that didn't make me so happy.

Afterwards we drove for a bit to go find Beth, Kelly, and Katie. We stayed at their cabin for awhile eating and singing while others played guitar. I was in a crappy mood, but the singing did cheer me up for awhile. We then headed back to our camp and almost got lost, but we managed to find our way back. Things were tense as we sat around the camp fire for many reasons. As we were getting ready for bed, Erd was trying to put some stuff away in the van in the driver's seat and it was too big and it made the horn honk. Tracy and I could just not stop laughing. We felt bad for our neighbors because this happened at about two in the morning. After Erdman and Cholak were already asleep, Tracy and I stayed up for a bit because we weren't tired. As we were sitting there Tracy thought she heard Erdman talking for the tent so she shined the flashlight around and we discovered a cute raccoon, which we named Gary, sitting at the edge of the trees watching us. We scared it away and then Tracy drug me off to bed because she got a little freaked out. It was great.

Tuesday was much much better. For one, I was in a great mood. We all woke up a bit late and didn't have much time to get ready before heading off to Thunder Rocks with Beth and the gang, but we had a lot of fun. Cholak had a blast climbing the rocks. Tracy and I were very happy with our feet on the ground, but they did manage to get us up a couple. At one point Tracy walked off on her own and was attempting to climb a rock, but halfway up she decided she couldn't do it and had to call me over to help her down. It was great.

After we had lunch on a rock and then went exploring a bit more. We went up to Bridal Falls where Em and Em decided they were going creek walking in one direction while Tracy and I went in another. It was a lot of fun, but not even five minutes after we serparated, I slipped and fell on a rock. Tracy was laughing so hard at me and so was I. I must have looked real graceful. After we met up again we went back to camp and had dinner and thus began our one on one time with each other. My first chat was with Tracy. Em and Em biked down to the playground for theirs and came back about forty minutes later just as Tracy and I started to talk. So we went on a long long walked around the campground as we talked. It was nice, but it also gave me a lot more to think about. My other chats were not nearly as eventful as mine and Tracy's, but they were wonderful and I just cannot believe how much I am going to miss everyone when I leave.

None of us wanted to go home, but we had to. We helped unpack the van, then Tracy and I went back to my house for some quick showers and cd copying before heading off to get a perm with Erdman. So now my hair is curly, but I'm not sure how long it is going to last. But at least everyone seems to like it. I hope they aren't lying. :D After that Tracy came back to my house and we just talked until it was time to meet for the all night wednesday worship. The whole night was a blast, full of singing, listening, thinking, talking, and crying. It was great. Then Tracy and I stayed up until about 4:30 continuing our chat from the night before. Which already feels like it was forever ago. Wow. But it was really great.

Today was the last book study and while I didn't get around to finishing the book I really enjoyed listening to everything that was said. And before hand Tracy took Erd and I and taught some things about hockey. We discovered that I was just not born to hold a hockey stick. I got to put on Erd's roller blades and I had a blast on those. I had so much fun watching Tracy teach Erdman some things. After book study, Tracy and I joined Cholak, Kelly, Jen and Bryan, and Ashlee for dinner and putt putt which was fun. Then Tracy went over to chat with Erdman and the rest of us went to a movie. We saw the Day after Tomorrow again and I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home, but by the time I got into the car I was awake again.

This has definitely been a week I will never forget. I just wish I had more time to spend with people.
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