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21 August 2004 @ 11:38 pm
Last night Erdman and Cholak came over for awhile. We chatted for a bit, but then eventually Erd had to leave and we had to say goodbye, or 'see you later.' Either way it will be a couple months before I will see her in person again. There were no tears until she left, and then Cholak cried for a bit and I almost did. I am going to miss being able to talk to them so much. E-mail and AIM just will not be the same.

I spent today finishing my shopping and doing some packing. I now have just about everything except the stuff in my room packed. I think that's a good start. I will have to crack down soon though. Tonight I went with Kimm and Katie to see Nunsense out at the Riverside Inn. Dinner was included and boy did I eat a lot. It was yummy. The play was very good and I laughed a lot so it made me happy.
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Current Music: Brave Saint Saturn - Binary