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28 August 2004 @ 12:21 pm
Dorm Life  
Wednesday involved a lot of goodbyes. Goodbyes to some people most likely and 'see you laters' to others. Before worship I met Cholak at the coffeehouse and we just sat and talked. Most of what we said wasn't very important, but it was nice to just be able to sit there with her in a comfortable silence. I let her know how much I would miss her and then we went to worship.

Worship was wonderful as always. More talks of love and loving yourself. It was nice to get to see everyone one last time before I left. After Jeff finally kicked us out of the church, Tracy and I went down to the lake for our last chat session for awhile. It was nice, really nice. I can't describe it, but I just know that I will miss times like this with you Tracy. Even though you frustrate me when you ask what's on my mind every 30 seconds. I didn't want to leave and she finally had to halfway force me to go. I didn't really start to cry until I got into the car and had to drive home. And it really didn't hit me until yesterday.

All summer I have spent at least 2 hours with either Em, Em, or Tracy and I can't do that anymore. Not only that, but I can't freely get on the internet right now to chat with them. I'm feeling a little lost and lonely because of that.

But I am having fun. The first night here was kind of blah. I had only gotten about three hours of sleep so I wasn't up to doing much. Kris and I just kind of sat in the room and talked for awhile. Then I wrote in my journal and read for a bit and went to bed. Friday started out with an advisory meeting at nine. That was interesting to find. It didn't last long and afterwards I headed off with an interesting girl I met that loves broadway musicals to go to a practice lecture. I went to one on religious studies and found it to be extremely interesting. The professor discussed a lot of history of Christianity as well as the controversy surrounding The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Which of course is the possible marriage status of Jesus. The lecture ran more than an hour over and ended up being about 2 hours long, but I was entertained the whole time and it helped get my mind off of things.

After that Kris and I went down to the Union for lunch and I met up with Bryan there. It was so nice to see a familiar face. We sat there for about an hour and talked. Lizza, Jess, and Audrey walked by as we sat there and I said hi to them. Seeing Jess and Audrey just reminded me how much I missed my friends. After lunch I went up to see Bryan's dorm and then he hiked up the hill to see mine.

And when I say hill, I mean and very steep incline all the way from the Union to my dorm. It's really hard on the legs and butt. Just wait till you guys see me again, I'll look great! But right now I'm in pain. I walked up that thing at least three times yesterday and my legs are now in protest.

After than Kris and I got a quick dinner and then headed off to go shopping down at the waterfront. It was nice and I found myself a bookstore with lots of things I wanted to buy but didn't. Aren't you proud Tracy? On the bus ride home I just wanted to break down and cry, but I waited until I got back to my dorm and was alone for a bit. I got a hug from my roommie though. That was nice, but not as comforting as one from a close friend would have been.

After a bit of silent time, we walked back down to the Union for a multi-cultural event. It ended up being kind of scary, so I went downstairs and sat uncomfortably at an e-mail kiosk in attempts to talk to Tracy and Erd. These attempts were happily successful so my roommate went off to wander. I spent an hour talking with them and then decided to go find Kris. But I could find her anywhere. I finally gave up an hour later and walked back to the dorm on my own. My legs almost didn't make it up Cardiac Hill again.

Besides the fact that I miss everyone, I am doing great. I spent today in the library catching up with things online and I hope to see a free movie later tonight with Kimm, whom I haven't seen yet. Feeling bad about that, but I did just learn how to use the phone.

Off to get some lunch by myself.
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