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04 September 2004 @ 10:57 pm
Treadmills and Cœur de Loupe  
Yesterday Bryan came up to my room and we sat together and watched Back to the Future. We also talked for a bit. It was nice. Then today I went shopping in Shadyside with Katie. We went out to lunch together at a sushi place. I ordered some chicken, rice, and some other sushi stuff. It was an adventure for me. I hated eating something and not knowing what was in it so I gave my sushi over to Katie, but the rest was good. Then she took me down to a Japanese food store. It was really cool in there. I had a lot of fun. Then we came back to my room and watched Princess Bride which really cheered my up. Then Bryan dragged me out of my room to work out for a bit. I walked briskly for about 30 minutes on a treadmill.

Today Erd asked me to send her Cœur de Loupe to read and now instead of working on my homework and such I'm sitting here reading that. ::sigh:: It's such a wonderfully written story.
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(Anonymous) on September 5th, 2004 11:24 am (UTC)
it wasn't that bad was it
really now it wasn't that bad was it? all you have to do is keep that up now, and you will be in top shape. And all the guys on campus will be staring at you instead of the other girls.

don't forget to keep it up, cause ill get help if you won't (roomie)

Wotcher?koiuta on September 5th, 2004 04:18 pm (UTC)
Re: it wasn't that bad was it
No it wasn't. I never said it was. I even went again today, aren't you proud? And I could really care less if boys stare at me. I'm not in the mental mindframe for a relationship.
Wotcher?: Harry's Bum :Dkoiuta on September 5th, 2004 04:18 pm (UTC)
Re: it wasn't that bad was it
You should get a livejournal Bryan! It would be fun!
(Anonymous) on September 5th, 2004 06:29 pm (UTC)
umm yeah
no thats ok. "I would prefer not to." I wouldn't know what to write, or what to write about. besides nothing all that great happens to me. I don't get lost, so it wouldn't workout. It would be too boreing for everyone.

so thanks but no