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07 September 2004 @ 10:42 pm
You'll All Be Proud  
Wow, my japanese recitation was nice. I actually understood everything that was said. The wonders of actually studying, ne? It made it much more fun, but also more torturous watching the others struggle. At least I now know how to ask the sensei to repeat something. Yeah for Mills-sensei sharing that gem of a secret today in lecture. I found that I need to learn how to take more organized notes for that class. They are a mess right now.

After recitation I met up with Katie who wanted to walk down to Student Health to have her foot checked out. She stubbed her toe really bad and was worried it was broken. So we walked all the way around lower campus searching for the building and couldn't find it so we headed to the Union for a map. We passed it. So I parted ways with her to get back up to middle campus for my Japanese lecture. Which was fun. I made friends with the chinese guy Bryan and another guy I think named Neal. Not sure, I'm having trouble remembering names. Well, anyway, I had lunch with Neal, the first stranger that I have eaten with. See, aren't you all proud of me?

I spent the rest of the day either in class, reading the Ragamuffin Gospel, doing laundry, or doing homework. Yippie. Anyway, a much better day than yesterday. And thank you for the "purse" comment Tracy; it made my day when I got home.
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