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25 August 2004 @ 10:32 am
Last Day  
Wow, today is my last day in McKean. It came way too quickly.

On Sunday I went to church again. It was nice. Later in the day I went down to the lake with Tracy and we spent the whole time trying to decide if we wanted to pay five bucks to see Without a Paddle with Patty, Kristin, Craig, Heather, Ben, Ellen, and Cholak. After about an hour and a call from Cholak we decided to go. We saw Jim there with his girlfriend as we were buying tickets. We talked for a bit. The movie wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be; it managed to entertain me a bit.

On Monday I did more packing and then Tracy drove Christy and I out to the Crawford County Fair so that we could watch Cholak show Swayze. I had a lot of fun petting all the animals and I fell in love with this adorable rabbit and Cholak almost had to literally pull me away. Afterwards Tracy stayed at my house for a couple hours and we talked and played with my dog. It was nice.

And then yesterday we went out to the dollar theatre to see the Notebook. The audience was very receptive to the movie and they laughed a lot which really helped me enjoy the movie the second time around. After we went to Eatin' Park as usual and just sat and talked. Then we took a walk to Walmart and then walked back and said some goodbyes. Then Tracy came over again and this time we hung out in my garage so as not to wake my dad. We talked and I gave her a long back rub and she ended up staying an hour longer than she'd planned. I'm going to miss spending time with her and Cholak and Erd.

I leave tomorrow...I can't believe it.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: S.H.E. - Read My Mind