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09 September 2004 @ 03:44 pm
Kawaii desu ne!  
Japanese recitation was nice today. Kikuchi-sensei always brings to mind the word kawaii, which means cute. His mannerisms are very cute and he makes class entertaining, but he doesn't correct pronounciation very well. Lecture was nice too, but again we didn't seem to get any where. What we need to cover is the grammer and we haven't discussed it at all and it's getting me a little confused. I had lunch with Katie today and then we headed over to the Cathedral to study since everything is still soaked. You GM people suck having school canceled because of flooding. Worked on my essay a bit and then went to my anthro recitation which is kind of a joke. We still didn't seem to cover anything and we rarely go over much in lecture. I feel like that class has taught me nothing, but oh well. Next week we get to read chapter 8, sex and marriage. I've already read it, lol. It was highly interesting and had some different views on things like homosexuality and incest. So since we have to write response essays at some point I'm gonna write mine on this chapter because it's very interesting to me.

I'm going to choir practice tonight! YAY! Happy me! Okay, lol. I'm happy to be getting out of the dorm even if it means taking city buses by myself at night. There was also a Campus Crusade meeting I wanted to go to tonight, but I don't think I'll be able to make it because of choir. Oh well, I hope I can make it next week. I also wanted to check out the groups called Cross Seekers and Cornerstone 220.

Well, gotta get some homework done.
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Shane Barnard and Shane Everett - The Answer
Slackerjackmizukaze on September 9th, 2004 02:11 pm (UTC)
unn. Kikuchi sensei wa kawaii desu. he's so worried about everything, and always has these spastic little nods that mean "close enough, we're not repeating it again, even though you haven't got it yet."


what time do you have Anthro, btw? i have it at 11 on Mondays. Campus Crusade is tonight... hmm, sounds interesting. what time, if you get this before then...?
Wotcher?koiuta on September 9th, 2004 02:21 pm (UTC)
I have Anthro at 11 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Campus Crusade is at 8:30 in the Union in Dining Room A. I hope to go next week. Everyone seemed really nice when I met them at the fair. You should go check it out.